Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beth Quinn Designs

I am dedicating my first post to my Friend Beth Quinn.

1. because I loooove good people and she is definately that!!

2. because I looooove all things pretty and her designs are definately that and then some.

IF you have never seen Beths beautiful designs, then you must stop by her Facebook page, her blog or her website. Her designs are simply Amazing!!/pages/Beth-Quinn-Designs/89334491038

This is just a peek at what Beth has to offer. GORGEOUS right? ooooh lala!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Beth is very talented. Have fun with this blog. I know that I miss creating. Have a Most Joyous Holiday Season, Robin.


  2. Wow -- I adore that kind of jewelry! I'm going to go peek! Congratulations on your new blog! Very cute design!

  3. Love this new blog of yours. Featuring Beth is a great idea. I took both her classes at Silver Bella in 2010, and the necklace I purchased from her is one of my favorites!

  4. Sue.. I loved her class at Bella!
    Hoping for Bella in 2012!!!

    and thank you! hope you stop by often! xoxoxo