Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Swap~~

thank you Laurie Jackson from http://indulgeyourshelf.blogspot.com/

for once again hosting an AMAZING swap.

I so enjoyed opening this sweet package today... you ladies are truly amazing!!

made this beautiful cupid inspired wood heart.

I cant stop lookin at it.. prettyyyyyyyy!

Thank you Tamatha of

for the soft and precious heart ornie

thank you Wendy from

beautiful heart with lotsa fringe... **Loooove**

The ever so red glittery heart is from Michelle at http://askmichelesomethingspecial.blogspot.com/
Eveythings better with lots of glitter :)

These lil creations are just amazing and will stay on my pink tree all year


  1. The wooden heart was from me! I tell people all the time i suffer from "Mom-nesia" my 4 year old frequently causes me to lose all track of what I am doing! I got everything all packaged up and sealed the box and on the way to the post office realized i forgot to attach one of my cards to each of the ornaments! I absolutely love the bird you made - I received one! Posting it today! Thanks a million!

  2. I completely forgot to add my card as well Pam.... Im so glad you liked my lil lovedbird. Such a fun swap and so grateful to recieve such beautiful art in return. xoxo