Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Offering~~

This is a picture of what I offered to Lauries Valentines Day Swap..

Little lovebird. She is perched on top of an old spool of thread. Covered in glitter and looking all pretty... I hope the ladies loved her!


  1. Oh seriously I love love that little bird perched a top an old spool. You spent so much time on these. I love how it was packaged up too. I have been a factory all month for my daughter's
    etsy business. I had to make oodles of the same thing everyday. It was sometimes stiffling. I love to create something everyday, but I am afraid my ornaments weren't that time consuming, and somewhat simple, and I also forgot to put my name with it, and I was so made about it. if you got a glittered heart on both sides with beads hanging down that was one of mine. Loved the swap.

  2. Please excuse the typo's in my comment above, I feel like I am always in a rush these days. I wanted to also thank you for visiting Something Special. And I agree with you on the making things sparkle. I love glitter!

  3. So so sweet!!! Really darling!!

    Thanks so so much for the blog link love!!!!! :)

  4. Hi Robin, your Valentine creation is beautiful!

    I'm your Button Floozie Needlebook buddy and have already made the needlebook - it'll be in the post to you tomorrow - hope you'll like it!