Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Needlebook Swap...

my swap from Sherry Edwards,

all the over in England has arrived and its magical!!

I absolutely love it. Sherry, you did an amazing job on it.

From the fabric to the ribbon to all the embellishments and trinkets inside.... Beautiful!!

Thank you so much Sherry... yours is on its way!! :)


  1. That pin is so sweet! What a great book you received!

  2. I'm glad it arrived safely Robin and that you like it xx

  3. Thanks for your email Robin, I did reply but it bounced back to me undelivered for some reason?

    Just to let you know that once I've received your book I'll forward it onto Velma - don't worry about re-imbursement for shipping, I don't expect it'll be all that heavy.

    Take care x

  4. Hello Robin, just to let you know that your needlebook arrived and I have today posted it onto Velma.

    I didn't open your package although I desperately wanted to so I could see what you made - I'll have to wait until either you or Velma posts some photos of it.

  5. hi robin~
    i was in the 12 days of christmas swap & had so much fun! alanna did such a nice job hosting. i joined your cute blog & see we have some similar friends...i hope you will come over & follow me so we can be friends! i would love to have you!